Unity Party is at liberty to field candidates in Lofa County.!!
JNB writes:
Fellow Liberians,

Today, the Supreme Court of Liberia has ruled that the Unity Party can field a Candidate in the Lofa County Senatorial by-election.
This is not only a victory for the people of Lofa County, but a momentous victory for the people of Liberia, and signifies renewed hope that Liberia is on its way to experiencing selfless, quality leadership; a leadership that you can trust!
As Standard Bearer of the ever-potent Unity Party, I congratulate the legal team headed by former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Chairman Amin Modad and the leadership of the Party, partisans, and supporters of the UP, the All Liberian Party of my good friend Benoni Urey, and Liberty Party of our distinguished Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence for this remarkable success. This victory is the beginning of what will happen in 2023!

In the coming days, you will begin to see a mass movement of Liberians, both at home and abroad, subscribing to this vessel of honor, with a strong determination to restore Liberia’s lost image. Get ready, Liberia will rise again!
Let’s celebrate this victory! I am upbeat!
Let’s now go and win Lofa!

THINK LIBERIA, LOVE LIBERIA, and let’s join hands together, and BUILD LIBERIA.


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