A Social Justice advocate, Vandalark Patricks is calling on the government of Liberia to make an immediate arrest and investigation of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) Secretary-General Mohammed Ali.
Patricks who is the Managing consultant at Campaigners for Change International, a group that defense human Rights across the globe, in his statement issued via Facebook, Thursday, April 15, 2021 calls for the former ruling Unity Party to act with sincerity to proceed and suspend its SG Ali, over the recently leaked audio.
He said that the opposition political party or the conglomerate of opposition parties represents a government in waiting, as such, they should act, conduct, and behave correctly.
Patricks said Liberians should not be ashamed of condemning and taking a stand against their members who violate existing social norms, laws, statutes, or ethical irregularities.
The Social Justice advocate said Ali, is encouraging, persuading, and threatening a girl believed to be his lover (Kpa-kpa-kpa) to abort a pregnancy or face unspecified consequences.
Patricks revealed that the silence of the UP and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) only speaks of the hypocrisy within the opposition opting to take state power which is so Sad.
“I urge the CDC-led government to immediately arrest Mo Ali, send him for safekeeping, and prosecute him over the leaked recording implicating him to the commission of a serious rape crime”, Patricks noted.
Patricks said in the recording, Ali, who is believed to have impregnated a young woman, intentionally persuades and threatens her to destroy or abort the pregnancy against her will and faith. “I cannot do it because it is against my faith, as she is heard crying in the leaked audio when Ali was psychologically torturing her to commit a crime”.
He emphasized that it is a crime to make anyone speak against their conscience, Ali of the allegedly corrupt Unity Party committed said crime.
According to human rights defender Patricks, rape, by virtue of Liberian law, is a major crime, equivalent to murder.
Patricks stated that it could also be that the girl is scheming on Mo Ali and is doing everything possible to extort money or get favor from him or use it as a political weapon to embarrass and destroy his hard-earned character.
Patricks said Ali’s arrest is important to establish to know the actual story and the government should place the young woman under protective supervision while Ali is taken for safekeeping.
On September 9, 2009, Patricks argued that the Late Harry Greaves was allegedly fired in former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, over the same leaked audio that involved solicitation of bribes.
This government that Mo Ali was part of immediately took action and did not wait, given the sensitivity of what was discussed or heard in the audio leak.
As heard in the leaked audio, Ali’s statements’ persuasion and intentions should scare anyone, Patricks asserted in his statement.



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