Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has hailed the decision of Bong County residents to have voted against the re-election bid of former Senator Henry Yallah on 8 December, last year.

Mr. Yallah has been replaced at the Liberian Senate through the ballot box by former Deputy House Speaker, Mr. Prince Moye, a confidante of Mrs. Howard-Taylor.

Henry Yallah was whipped by Deputy Speaker Prince Moye with over 14,000 votes difference in the just-ended special senatorial election.

The Liberian Vice President, who heads the National Patriotic Party (NPP), a constituent party of the ruling CDC, argues that Senator Yallah was not worthy of the votes of the Bong County people, as he had squandered the opportunity given him to serve the county in 2011.

The former Bong County senator stated that the outgoing Senator Yallah mismanaged several positions and opportunities, during his reign as Senator and Chair of the County’s Legislative Caucus.

Commenting on Senator Yallah’s selection by the CDC as its candidate, VP Howard-Taylor explained that she was overruled by some officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change, and, as such, the party deserved the result.

Madam Taylor indicated that she was vocal about her stance not to support Mr. Yallah, because she was aware that he was not the choice of the people.Meanwhile, former Senator Yallah has commended the people of Bong County for their decisions.

“I am happy that you were able to cast your ballots for me. If over 24,000 people can vote for me, that means that you know my importance and that I am still your choice in future elections,”

he concluded.



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