Montserrado County District 11, REPRESENTATIVE Rep. Richard Koon has submitted a bill to Repeal Law Shielding War Criminals from Facing Justice or Court Trial.

Rep. Koon, on Thursday, February 3, 2022, prayed his colleagues at the Lower House to repeal the law which was approved on August 7, 2003 and published into handbill by the Ministry of Foreign Affair on August 8, 2003.

The law titled an Act to grant Immunity from both Civil and Criminal Proceedings against all Persons within the Jurisdiction of the Republic of Liberia from the Acts and or Crimes committed during the civil war from DECEMBER 1989 to August 2003.

This law prevents persons who committed hindeous crimes against humanity to go free without facing Justice.

The Montserrado County District 11 Lawmaker is taking aback by the fact that there were several human rights violations and atrocities, as such, war Criminals must face the law and not be exempted from Criminal Proceedings for war crimes.

According to Rep. Koon, the repealing of this law will give way for the enactment of the War and Economic Crimes Court to enable the full opening of courts and prosecution of war Criminals.

The House’s Plenary mandated it’s committees on Judiciary, Security and Good Governance to review and report in 2weeks for Legislative approval.

During the 4th session, Rep. Koon indicated that the current speaker refused to place the bill seeking to repeal the law on the agenda for deliberation. He noted that 2022 seems a different year as the House would be robust in Legislative actions that caters for the ordinary people.

Between December 1989 and August 2003, over 250,000 Liberians died from what is being termed as senseless Civil war. Scores of women and children we’re raped, murdered and others used as child soldiers by warring factions.

Thousands fled the country for safe haven across the Atlantic ocean while others went to neighboring countries for refuge. To date no war Criminal has been prosecuted due to the current law on the books exempting them.


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