Weah Fails Liberians: Liberia Unsafe and Insecure – Alexander B. Cummings
Two international reports have been issued on Liberia. One involves continuing human rights abuses against Liberians by the Weah government, and the other, again, points to the shameless stealing by government officials. This time, Ministry of Health authorities are stealing from poor and sick Liberians including pregnant mothers and babies.

I know Liberians do not need reports of the US State Department or the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General to tell us what we already know and are living through under President George Weah. Our streets, beaches, and communities are unsafe and insecure, and many of our citizens and residents are living under daily fears of rising crimes. Also, every day is another story of government officials stealing – stealing money that could help develop the country, stealing food meant for poor Liberians, and now they are stealing medicines meant to treat sick people, especially women and children.

While Liberians are living in fear and all this stealing is going on, President Weah is saying nothing, and doing nothing to stop it. It is as if the President has told his officials to use their public offices to steal everything they can. No President should be quiet and do nothing when the people they swore to lead and protect are scared to walk the streets.

A popular Liberian parable is that a fish rots from its head. It is therefore difficult for a leader to stop bad things from happening when the people who work for that leader believe that the leader is actually involved in doing the same bad things, if not worse.
We must end the stealing, and violations of the rights of Liberians by their own government, and make our country safer and secure because it is the only way we will grow the economy, create jobs for our people, reduce the high costs of living, and develop our country. No serious investor will put their money in a lawless place where the leaders are carelessly stealing from their own people.

God has blessed us with most of what we need to develop our country, make Liberians live under better conditions, and build a brighter future for our children. But the leadership of our country, especially the leaders in this government, have failed the people. They have continued to only look after themselves, their friends, and their families while too many have suffered in poverty. This is troubling and unacceptable. It will end with a Cummings Administration.

In a Cummings Administration, if you steal from the Liberian people, you will be investigated, indicted, tried, and imprisoned, and you will payback. As the head of the Administration, I will set the right examples and high standards for public accountability and transparency in government.

In a Cummings Administration, the security agencies, including the Liberia National Police (LNP), will work to protect all persons and properties, especially in the exercise of their rights to peaceful assembly. No grieving mother will therefore need to protest only to be arrested by the Police who should be protecting her because she is protesting the unexplained death of her daughter.

A Cummings Administration will swiftly, respectfully, and professionally investigate all crimes, especially those involving the murder of Liberians. Whosoever is found to be responsible will be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. This will ensure crimes do not go unpunished in our country as is the standard in this Weah government.
Liberians deserve better. Real Change is coming!


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