What must be done now to secure a new future for Liberia

Agriculture and Education remain strategic incentives for economic boom in Liberia. The optimization of these sectors is a gateway to steady growth and sustained prosperity in Africa’s oldest Republic.


As a signatory, Liberia is violating two major regional protocols, namely:

1) The Kenyatta Declaration – this law calls for an African country like Liberia to spend or allocate at least 20% of its National Budget towards education. The global threshold of education expenditure in every country is also 20%.

2) The Maputo Declaration – this law compels every African country, including Liberia, to spend or allocate at least 10% of its National Budget towards Agriculture.

What is Liberia spending right now in these two strategic sectors?

The Fiscal Envelope or National Budget of Liberia for Fiscal Year 2020/2021 is US$535,452,173 or approximately US$535.5 million.

1) Education: Out of this amount, only US$79,419,293 is being spent on education. Let’s calculate:

Edu. = 79,419,293 x 100 ÷ 535,452,173 = 14.8%

So, GOL under Pres. GMW is spending just 14.8% on education. We have a gap of about 5.2%.

2) Agriculture: Out of US$535.5 million, GOL is spending just US$6,425,415 on Agriculture. Let’s calculate:

Agri. = 6,425,415 x 100 ÷ 535,452,173 = 1.2%

So, GOL under Pres. GMW is spending just 1.2% on agriculture. We have a gap or a difference of about 8.8%.

Mr. President, our people are catching hard time. I often receive dozens of calls/text messages every day. This is not politics. I want to help free of charge. I have developed a 12-page concept which focuses mainly on Education and Agriculture. This is a doable/hands-on framework of 30 solutions/recommendations with specific revenue sources to fund SMART programs.

I only need one assurance that you will accept it in good faith. I did a paper of similar nature in 2018 (26 solutions) but Min. Tweah instructed “PUPA” to call me a “fierce critic”. That paper was published by “The Perspective” in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Tweah seems to not like SMART people and SMART ideas. So, he has built a cage around you.

But this is not politics. I want to help. It is not my ultimate interest to criticize you and your government every day. But my interest is to provoke genuine and inclusive CHANGE that improves our people’s lives and protect their rights. My interest is to make Liberia better for all regardless of tribe, religion, status, and affiliation. I am not going to criticize you on this one. I am suggesting solution.

What if we intentionally prioritize or invest in: Education + Agriculture + Tourism + Energy + Entrepreneurship + Transportation + Technology = EATEETT.

Real and Sustained Solution for Liberia lies in “The EATEETT” framework which I am developing. Liberia is too rich for Liberians to be too poor. We live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, yet we suffer from drought. This paradox is to painful. A paradigm shift is required. This is an imperative though.


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