LIBERIA-January 30, 2022-WTVNEWS: Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue has vowed to arrest individuals believed to be zogos who recently issued a statement threatening to attack peaceful citizens.

ZOGOS, in a statement recently threatened to attack Citizens across the country in demand of some ZOGOS who are currently under police custody relating to the New Kru Town Stampede.

Police arrested scores of ZOGOS in a raid following the stampede at the D Tweh Field in New Kru. Some 29 persons died as a result of the outrage of ZOGOS during a Christian gathering or crusade.

But speaking to a cross section of citizens over the weekend, Police IG Patrick Sudue clarified that the information circulating on social media is untrue and vowed to trace individuals and prosecute them under the law.

Police Chief informed some citizens that a group of zogos distanced themselves from the press release of attack if their colleagues are not released by the LNP.

Col. Patrick Sudue added that police officers are also investigating recent social media report of a lady identified as Cynthia Suah who posted on the social media of her sister who was gang raped to death in Nimba County; something the Police Chief termed as myth following investigation.


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